Catalyst Outdoor’s digital monument is the first of its kind to be brought to Bucks County. This unit includes two vertical panels that are strategically situated at one of Bucks County’s busiest intersection of Route 1 and Oxford Valley Road. This unique installation has an internally illuminated support structure creating an impactful viewing experience in both the daytime and evening hours of operation. The unique placement of this display offers unobstructed views reaching traffic traveling towards the Oxford Valley Mall as well as other major shopping destinations.


  • 2 Vertical Faces
  • Each spot will play for a duration of 8 seconds
  • 1 spot every minute
  • Total of 8 spots in every loop
  • Both units generate up to 2,000 exposures per day
  • Generating approximately 56,000 exposures per 4-week period

Benefits of Digital

  • Allows an endless variety of creative executions
  • No production costs
  • Messages are easily changed and can display based on triggers, including time of day, day of week, weather conditions and traffic patterns.

For rates and availability, contact Eric Reynolds:

send email | p:610-975-9390

Unit 645 A/B – Face A: S/S Route 1 F/W | Face B: W/S Oxford Valley Road F/S – Langhorne, PA
Face A: S/S Route 1 F/W | Face B: W/S Oxford Valley Road F/S
Langhorne Pennsylvania United States
Phone: 610-975-9390