Located along Route 309 in Springfield, PA in Montgomery County, this digital location reaches commuters traveling northbound toward Flourtown, Ft. Washington and the PA Turnpike. This left hand read is the only digital bulletin along this limited highway portion of Route 309 offering a unique opportunity to reach this affluent consumer base.


  • Each spot will play for a duration of 8 seconds
  • 1 spot every minute
  • Total of 8 spots in every loop
  • Each unit generates up to 1,000 exposures per day
  • Generating approximately 28,000 exposures per 4-week period

Benefits of Digital

  • Allows an endless variety of creative executions +
  • No production costs
  • Messages are easily changed and can display based on triggers, including time of day, day of week, weather conditions and traffic patterns.

For rates and availability, contact Eric Reynolds:

send email | p:610-975-9390

Unit 629 – W/S Route 309 F/S – Springfield, PA
W/S Route 309 F/S
Springfield Pennsylvania United States
Phone: 610-975-9390
Email: eric@catalystoutdoor.com